Monday, February 18, 2013

Bloom's Taxonomy

"Create something.  Something sustainable.  And worth a lot of points.
Ready? Set. Go!"

I had heard this set of vague directions before.  I'm starting to think Mr. Theriault and Mr. Zeibarth spend too many of their Sunday afternoons together.   Déjà vu of Mr. T's 150-point project of sophomore year.
With projects like these often the most difficult part of it all is figuring out what to do.  I felt like the 13 colonies after breaking from Great Britain; unsure how to form a government and run a nation, without the process of trial and error being an option.  With the two weeks counting down that I had until I had to pitch my great idea to the class, I turned to Lindsay to brainstorm.
We tossed around ideas like working with and supplementing the soup kitchen at Lindsay's church.  Benefiting the community seemed to be our inclination (we both were/are Girl Scouts), but working with grown men wasn't the most appealing option. (No offense to any of you out there, I'm sure you are a lovely individual.)
Lindsay's mother co-teaches a kindergarten class with Mr. T's wife.  Working with a class full of adorable five and six year old sweeties?  Perfect!  Guiding the class to help them write their very own book?  We were instantly stuck on the idea.
While both Lindsay and I were excited to get to work, a few problems came to light.  The kindergartners start their day at 8:00 A.M., just like us high school students.  The price of sending our book to to be bound and copied for every child in the class came out to be over $450.  Where would we find the time?  Where would we find the money?
*Solutions to be revealed in blog next week.*

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