Sunday, April 21, 2013

Star Wars

Thanks to our school's Baron Games assembly, all of our classes were shortened, giving us less time at Demille.  To accommodate this change, we selected some faster workers for this past Friday.  Coincidently we had chosen three of the biggest talkers as well. 

In stark contrast to the shy group we had a few weeks ago, this Friday's students were able to bounce their ideas of one another.  Instead of Lindsay and I feeding the kids ideas, the children gave each other suggestions.  This made the jobs of Lindsay and I easier and more entertaining too.

One of the kindergartners has an obsession with Star Wars.  He told me the names of all the battle ships and shared with me a multitude of movie facts.  Everything he wrote and drew was influenced by Star Wars, which worked out because the place he chose to write about was Universal Studios.

The girl in the group picked the Discovery Science Center as the place to lead the cat.  I was impressed with her picture which included chemical filled beakers.

It's interesting to think of what these different kids will be like when they go on to middle school and eventually high school.  Who will they be?  What will they do?

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