Sunday, April 28, 2013

Switching Schools

As May approaches, our project nears its end.  When deciding which lucky three kindergartners to work with this time, we heard that it was one of the student's last day because he would be spending the rest of the school year it Vietnam.  So of course we chose to work with him.  As I was helping him write his page, I talked with him about his upcoming trip.  Turns out, he's already been there!  While he will be missing a lot of school, to travel to another country is most definitely a great learning experience.  Learning a second language, especially at his young age, will only enhance his education.

There was another student who was in her final days at Demille.  She was the sweet girl we had worked with a few weeks ago who had placed stickers on the hands of Lindsay and I before we left.  When I was in first grade, I changed school towards the end of April too.  Switching schools is though, but I find that the transition is easier for a kindergartener or a first grader than a middle school or high school student.  Kids at that young, innocent age tend to be more open to making new friends.  In elementary school, your best friend could be Danielle one week and Heather the next.  In high school, students form groups, social cliques, some that are very cold to new members.  I'm glad my family moved when they did, instead of waiting until now.

Also working with us this past Friday, was a girl who had a wild imagination, who fittingly wrote about a zoo, a zoo where the animals break loose when the guard falls asleep.  Although she was limited in what she could write by the format Lindsay and I had set up, she let her ideas free on her picture.

It saddens me that our days at Demille are numbered; this was no doubt one of the best projects I've ever done.  Each week Lindsay and I go, we are presented with a new set of personalities, learning abilities, and friends.

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