Monday, May 6, 2013

Boys and Blood

Fridays at any school tend to be a little sporadic, but the first Friday of May at Demille was especially so.  The class full of kindergartners was presented with a substitute teacher who was not on top of his game, to say the least.  Thankfully Mrs. Chiang was on the scene to help sort things out.

Adding to the chaos, the second graders were presenting a musical version of "The Three Little Pigs".  After Lindsay and I helped the last kid of the day write and illustrate, we watched the tail end of the play.  I admired the courage these young children had- singing in front of classmates, parents, and complete strangers- especially the wolf, who had fiercely belted out his solos.

But let's not skip over the excitement of our three kindergarteners of the day.  One of the boys finally settled on writing about a doctor's office, but when it came to drawing, he had trouble.  After rejecting my ideas of scales and stethoscopes, he took up his friend's suggestion of drawing a shot.  This led him to draw blood as well.  He drew only a drop but he and his friend lit up and exclaimed, "Blood! Blood! Blood!"  There's a couple of six year old boys for you.

With one set of students left to go, Lindsay and I turn our thoughts to the book itself.  The kids took care of the body pages, leaving the cover page and the beginning and ending of the story up to us.  The idea of drawing a book cover does not excite either one of us, so we are hoping to take a picture of the class for the front instead.  If okay with the teachers, the students will make either a cat or mouse headband to wear for the snapshot.

This upcoming Friday hosts the inevitable AP English Language test.  Testing begins at 8:00 A.M., the time we are usually working at Demille.  Because the test ends around noon and excuses us from the rest of school, there is a pending possibility of Lindsay and I making our weekly visit in the afternoon this week.

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