Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Shy Ones

This past Friday, Lindsay and I shook things up and worked with three students at a time instead of the usual two.  By this time around we had a well-established, efficient system that allowed us to get the job done.  But we had two hurdles in our path: it was picture day for Demille Elementary School and we had a group of three quiet kids.

We cleared the first hurdle easy enough, starting the kids early and bringing them back to class when their pictures had been shot.  While Lindsay and I helped two of the kids write their page, the other started on his picture (a very nice one of a cruise ship).  With our guidance, the kindergartners were able to finish as scheduled.

The other obstacle proved to be different sort of challenge.  The brainstorming of this shy group consisted of nodding and shaking of heads when ideas were suggested to them.  After relying heavily on our examples, the kids slowly opened up, just a tad.  The group opened up slightly more as they drew their pictures.

After this experience, I began to wonder how I was as a kindergartner.  Was I one of the shy ones or was I a social butterfly?  I looked to my parents for the answers.  To sum it up, as five/six year old I was friendly and sociable but I knew the difference between the time to talk and the time to listen.  I'd like to think that this still holds true.

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