Sunday, March 17, 2013

Waiting for Approval

After making a video for our project pitch Wednesday night, Lindsay and I were all set to go to work with the kindergartners on Friday.  This past Friday we assisted two students in writing and illustrating their own page in the class book.  We chose to work with one advanced learner and one slower learner so that the students may learn from one another.

Although one student required more help than the other, both children were able to correctly sound out at least the beginning sounds of words and make decent guesses for the following.  The child I worked with was shy but very sweet and well behaved.  After he would write a letter or draw a few lines, he would stop and look up at me, waiting for a nod or a few words of approval before continuing.

If Lindsay and I continue at this pace of two kindergartners writing every Friday, we'll finish with the final two students the last week in May.  This will give us minimal time to finalize, print, and bind the book.  We'll need one additional Friday in order to distribute the book copies to the class and read to them what they've created.  If possible, we hope to get a week ahead by working with 3 children on a couple Fridays because our class presentations begin June 3rd.

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